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Inspection Information for Sellers

Why should a Seller have an Inspection done prior to Sale?

Sellers having a pre listing inspection will help assure the home’s condition prior to going on the market. This helps the seller by: setting realistic expectations with respect to the market value of the property, streamline and shorten the sales cycle, and helping to obtain top dollar. Also, a presale home inspection demonstrates to buyers that the sellers have nothing to hide. This promotes an environment of confidence and trust in which to negotiate the terms of a sale. Buyers are usually more willing to accept property defects that are initially disclosed rather than waiting for their inspector to find any issues. When faulty conditions are discovered later, buyers typically demand repairs at seller’s expense. The need for pre-sale seller inspections is a strong one in today’s market.

A home for sale that has been pre-inspected and includes a home warranty plan, gives sellers more sales power, saving both time and money.

About Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Pre-Inspection

The pre-inspection we offer is provided upon request and only during the listing period. The inspection will determine the condition of the mechanical systems and appliances that are typically covered by our warranty. There is no additional cost for the inspection; it is included in the price of the warranty. With the inspection, we will cover the seller during the listing period for up to 9 months! There is no additional fee for the seller’s coverage. The inspection is not available for buyers or for properties that are already under contract or getting ready to close. If the pre-inspection is not done, we will still cover the items under the plan for the seller, except the heating and/or cooling system (see contract). Unknown pre-existing defects of the home warranty covered items are included, provided the defect could not have been detected through normal operation, maintenance and/or a home inspection. For more information, please call us at (303) 986-3900 ext 2 or contact us.

Be ahead of the game: The inspection can reveal problems ahead of time which enables you the time needed to make necessary repairs, ease inspection negotiations, and may help increase the asking price.

Ensures coverage and helps protect your pocketbook: If something breaks down while you’re selling the property, you are covered by the home warranty. Coverage continues for the term of the listing or selling period, up to 9 months. If the property is already under contract, we do not offer our inspection, but we will cover the seller for up to 60 days when the application is received and confirmation number is issued.

Free with purchase of warranty coverage (Silver, Gold or Platinum Plan only): In the event the warranty is cancelled prior to closing or not paid for, the Seller or Listing Agent will be charged a $75 fee for the pre-inspection and are responsible for all service costs incurred by Company. If the weather prevents inspection of certain items; i.e. air conditioner, roof, etc., the item can be inspected at a later date when the weather permits for an additional fee. The inspection may not apply for some areas.

Give the buyer assurance: This will help in the selling and in obtaining a higher appraisal price, plus it confirms that there are no major systems in need of immediate repair or replacement before a buyer makes an offer to purchase the property. See coverage details and terms here.

Marketing strategy: In order to facilitate a quick, successful sale in this marketplace, sellers need to provide incentives and do things that will make their properties more appealing to potential buyers. Home staging, paint, new carpet, great pictures, video tours, will help contribute to a successful and quick sale. One strategy often overlooked is to get a pre-inspection performed before selling. Most buyers will get their own inspection prior to closing. For some loans, and in some states, they are required. Addressing potential issues ahead of time will leave those off the negotiating table for buyers. Sellers can put themselves in a much stronger negotiating stance with selling their property with a solid marketing strategy.

Additional Marketing Boost: For sellers who sell their homes pre-inspected with a home warranty can move potential buyers into contract writers fast! According to a Gallup poll, 80% of buyers felt better about writing an offer on a home that came with a home warranty than one that did not. The pre-inspection and repairs that have been done prior to a buyer walking in the door is an added bonus.

Valuable inspection information for the: exterior of the houseinterior of the house, and visit this helpful site: Inspectapedia.com.