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Your home can be a much safer place for you and your family if you adopt a simple maintenance plan. One clear example would be to change smoke detector batteries. This could save your family’s life, and it takes less than five minutes. A dirty furnace filter can cause problems with the overall condition and workability of your furnace. The filter should be replaced with a new one every month or two.
Most homeowners aren’t aware of the havoc a faulty electrical system can cause. Every time a switch is flipped, the garbage disposal is used, water heater, take milk from the refrigerator or do a load of laundry is done, wear and tear happens on the electrical system. If it is ignored, over time, you may find yourself without the use of these things.

Many of the systems in your home have moving parts like motors, belts, and gears that make them subject to a lot of wear and tear. Some are simply made of materials that naturally degrade, stop working, require a service repair or replacement over time, even subject to attack by insects, animals, or mold. In any case, you can avoid a major inconvenience, by adopting a schedule of simple maintenance. Most likely, it will happen, when you least likely can afford it to.

Home Help!

Home Checklist, Home Maintenance Service Tips, Troubleshooting Problems, Average Repair & Replacement Costs, plus the Governor's Office of Energy Management Conservation Information

We have prepared a home maintenance checklist, maintenance and servicing tips, and other valuable resources and information especially for you.

  1. Home Systems Annual Maintenance Checklist
    Keep track of all your home's systems, appliances, yearly must do and domestic and/or municipal well information for city or district.
  2. Home Maintenance Information and Servicing Tips, Household Recalls, etc.
    Including phone numbers for extended warranty manufactures that you may already have on a system or appliance, polybutylene, carbon monoxide detector information, hard to find parts, fireplace related information and resources, recalls and recalled house hold items and problems, lead based paint, and asbestos information, plus more.
  3. Troubleshooting Information and Problem Solving Solutions
    What you can do before you call us for help.
  4. Average Repair and Replacement Service Costs
    What you could pay for repair and replacements.
  5. Governor's Office of Energy Management & Conservation
    A site designed to help Colorado homeowners reduce energy expenses and incentives.
  6. Resources for consumers, businesses and transportation plus, more. The official site for the State of Colorado.