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About Home Warranties

A home warranty plan is a homeowner’s best defense against the unexpected service repair costs of a residential home’s major mechanical systems and appliances. A home warranty plan is NOT a homeowner’s insurance policy. It is a service contract covering repair and/or replacement of the systems and appliances, usually within the home’s structure. The service agreement can usually last for a term of one year or more.

Home warranties cover normal wear and tear on the homes’ systems and appliances, and they MUST be in good working order BEFORE the contract begins with the warranty company.

Make sure to review your contract and coverage before something needs repair to understand what is covered and what is not. Some home warranty plans offer premium and/or optional coverage so you can customize the plan to best suit your needs.

A home warranty will minimize the expense and save time when a covered item breaks down due to normal wear and tear. When a covered item stops working properly, the homeowner pays a small service fee to the repair person at the time services are performed. The repair person will diagnose the problem and determine whether the item needs to be repaired or replaced.